Zen Challenge

Zen challenge is a game created for the final exam of my second degree. The goal of the project was to realise a game where you can manage the employee’s stress. The client of the project was a big company who wanted to improve their employees’s productivity by unstressing them.

We only had two weeks to realise something, including the time for research about studies about stress managing, conferences, all other thing that could help us to create the project.

Zen Challenge is a trading card game where all the cards are either a non-frustrating minigame or either a small action to accomplish which leads to a stress decreasement. The card can be exchanged between employees. Cards can also be found by scanning some images scattered across the office.

The interesting point of this project was that it was the first time we had a project that was a serious game. All the research phase was a new thing for me. Also, it was the first time I implemented Vuforia with a real application, comforting me in idea how I like AR.



Because the project was never finished, there is no build available. There are only few screenshots from developpements, available above.


This project was mainly inspired by Kelly McGonigal’s Ted Talk “How to make stress your friend. Below, there is also the PowerPoint I used during my presentation in front of the jury (available only in french).


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