Galaxy Painting Golf 2

Ah, Galaxy Painting Golf 2… My biggest nemesis but also my first big love, the Joker of my Batman, the Mario of my Sonic, the United Kingdom of my France… This project was my first too-ambitious idea and my biggest failure (for now).

Galaxy Painting Golf 2 was meant to be a mix between Splatoon, Mario Galaxy and Golf It, and was a project for the Game Design classes : we had to make a golf game without any special restrictions.

The first idea was to play the golf ball and, when you are in the air, you drop paint balls to colorize the map, which is a sphere, a planet, so you are attracted by gravity and can rotate around all the planet, like in Angry Birds Space.

As young students and the only developper in the project, I quite overestimated my programming abilities. We decided to reduce the scope of the project and instead of spherical maps, we build flat golf maps and maps with labyrinths.

Unfortunately, we had a lot of projects from school, and due to them we postposed many times work sessions for the project. Also, the project began in january, and we had to initally end the project in April, then we had an addtional delay until June… That long time with interruption made the team feel weariness and discouragement.

This project made me realise how the team management is the key to succes, and without this it’s impossible to carry out a project. It seems like an evidence but it isn’t for everyone. I recognised I hadn’t the team management knowledge at this moment, and decided to fill the gaps I had in this domain, especially “Managing projects step by step” by Mariusz Kapusta, a book that introduced me to “KISS project management” method.

I wish one day I can restart the project and develop it according to the original idea. If you’re interested, feel free to contact me through the contact form.



Because the project was never finished, there is no build available. There are only few screenshots from developpements, available above.

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