Circus of Passion

I have to confess that I was absolutely unsure that I want to participate in the 2024 Global Game Jam. I mean, for sure I wanted to make a game, but the location was for the first time one that was not at Ludus Academie in Brussels. The place did not organise anything that year and most probably will not before a long time, if not ever. It was then a good occasion to try something new, namely CGAcademy.

After what I can consider as fail for the two previous projects due to too much ambition for a jam (see Vira Root’sa and Spectral XP-Riz-Ance blog posts), it was good to focus on something simplier. Additionnally I was just out of Hotel Perkkow Episode 1, so a big refreshment of the way writing VN’s. A big come back to The Unbublievable Story files, and Ren’Py for the first time as jam project.

What’s incredible is that it was for the first time I was working with a full group of specialized artists. As also we reduced the scope more and more, we had the time to focus on main parts. It’s always better to have a small but beautifull thing. I can consider that as the one of the best jams I participated so far, the only one that I am satisfied at the same level as the 2020’s Collect Yourself game.

Now that this game was absolutely satifiyng, can be considered as somehow complete for the scope that was determined, completed, I think I can again try to do some unrealisable project for the Global Game Jam 2025. Happily at the same place.

All the characters were designed by chocopink.
UI and some art was reworked totally by soupacape.
Backgrounds, achievement icons and blob sounds were dony by QueenKiki.
I was more into all the “peripheral” code and config, while florinedobigny, initally artist, surpassed herself and wrote nearly the whole core (game logic and story) code.


“New city, new job, new start. You have just submitted your CV to the Cirque de la Passion, a new addition recently installed in the city. And you who dream of traveling, why not try your luck? You have just been recalled, but you have heard more and more unfounded rumors about the place: depraved actions, bizarre rites, extraterrestrial activities… But in the end, wouldn’t it be… Attractive ?”

Story would include originally Pedro Pepita (a bipolar ventriloquist) and Gustava Pennette (a pastafarian dominatrix) which maybe will be implemented one day, who knows ?

Those restriction were originally introduced in order to match the GGJ24 “Out of many, one” diversifier where each personnality would be inspired by other years themes (“Extiction”, 2011, as Bolb is the last alien of his species, “Ritual”, 2016, as Gustava is pastafarian, and “Duality”, 2022, as Pedro is bipolar). We wanted also each character to have a distinct dinner, where we would incorporate the diversifier “We just call them wings”. Time restriction made that complicated.

In the end, we only have half of 1 day for 1 character, Bolb the blob, and the goal is to seduce him, however he’s a pessimist and it’s a bit difficult.

Finally, different achievements makes the game more interesting and are worht exploring.

I’m not telling you how to get “4554”.

Screenshots and Pictures

Download files

You can check the original version on the Global Game Jam project page.

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