Tasting Bitcoin

In 2014, I started mining some Bitcoins, enjoyed by the concept of the blockchain system and the many possibilities that the technology has to offer. Knowing that, when my game design teacher proposed as a project to make a serious game about the cryptocurrencies market and cryptos stocks exchanges, I didn’t even tried to think about the two others subjects. I think that the future of the world’s economy is going to be at least highly influenced by all the cryptocurrencies, and this project was an occasion to help to diffuse this idea and the knowledge about the cryptocurrencies and stock exchanges in general.

Tasting Bitcoin first purpose is to be a simulation of a stock exchange with a system that challenges the player, something specific to the game design process. Indeed, the player have, on his control panel, from one to four characters directy by a simply AI system with four different patterns, inspired the AI system of PacMan : All the characters trade money with different patterns. For example, one of the most aggressive trader, buys always all the time bitcoins, even if it’s a ridiculous small amount, while an other, the most patient, waits until he can make a 10 times profit. Once they have earned some amount, the can use their money to steal you some money, attack you with a hack or hire a serial killer. You can also use your money to attack your opponents. Your goal is to survive but also eliminate your opponents.


Live preview

The developpement of this project has stopped and doesn’t mean to be restarted. It’s right now at an prototype phase. You can still test if if you want by following the link :


Here is the detailed Game Design Document (only available in french).


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