Dirty Cleaning

Dirty Cleaning is game that was made for a school project. This is a project where I was developper and first project where I dove deep into Unity.

Ludus Academie had at this moment the possibility to obtain a Nintendo Switch Devkits. As students, we had to prove we were worthy receiving those devkits, so all the school made small groups in order to develop games that would be exported to the consoles.

Dirty Cleaning is clearly inpired by Overcooked. We wanted to create a copy of the gameplay, but adapt the theme from cooking to cleaning. We quite succeeded in this challenge. Our project made our group one of the best in the school. Also, since that moment, I’ve only worked with Unity as game engine, and not worked anymore with Construct 2.

Dirty Cleaning is a project that includes the most features planned at the beginning.


Live preview

Because the project is still in developpement, check-out all the details and the last version on the itch.io project page .

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