BioAttack !

BioAttack ! is a game developped during the Global Game Jam 2018. The game is made under Construct 2, and also it was the first game jam where I offcially worked as an developper and game designer. The theme was “Transmissions”.

We’ve decided to create a game where you play as a bactery. You have to eat red cells and get the highest score while avoiding white cells who try to shoot and kill you.

Because the project was advancing in a good rythm, we also implemented two other gameplays : the virus gameplay and white cell gameplay. As virus, you can eat white cells and red cells, but you have to avoid white cells’s shoots. As white cell, you can eat bacteries and kill viruses by shooting them but you can’t touch them, otherwise they kill you.

There is also an interesting anecdote with this project : It was the first time that I had a controller in my hand and had to build a game using it. Because I didn’t knew how to do it, I instinctively put the movements on the right joystick… I made a friend of mine test it and he declared “You are the worst game designer at Ludus Academie, and probably the worst I know”. This “shameful” title spread fast across the school, so I made everything to progress.
Which resulted by Dirty Cleaning and Fat Food Explosion where I was co-designer, Galaxy Painting Golf 2 where I was the main designer and, above all, The Control.
Thank you Greg 😉



The project is not meant to be continued. You can check the global game jam page with the game where you can find more details.